Terms and Conditions

Lessons will be conducted by your instructor in a relaxed, but professional manner. There will be no shouting or bad behaviour from either the instructor or the learner driver. Please bring your provisional driving licence along for each lesson. 

Lesson Cancellation 

1. If you wish to cancel a lesson you must do so by phoning and giving 24 hours notice, a text message is not permitted.
2. The cancellation is agreed only when the instructor confirms he/she has received your message (this includes answer phones)
3. If you are unable to contact the instructor (eg answer phone) you must text or contact the driving school via text or email (dean@logicdrivingschool.com).
4. If you fail to cancel the lesson adhering to the above guidelines you will be charged at the full lesson rate.
5. If you cancel a lesson you will be asked for a new time and date, please have your diary/schedule available.

Bad Weather

In the event of bad weather the instructor will make the decision to terminate the lesson. If the instructor believes you are not capable of driving in the conditions the lesson will be cancelled. We always put your safety first.
If you cancel the lesson without permission from the instructor you will be charged for the lesson at full lesson rate.


Please email dean@logicdrivingschool.com if you are unsure of any details set out.

Details are correct as of 01/01/2018